Aquapark & Wellness

Aquapark & Wellness

Resort offer

  • Relaxation, active rest and fun
  • The stay in Aquapark is a part of packages with entrance tickets to multiple activities
  • The Water World is an interconnected whole, offering privacy in private premises as well
  • Adrenaline experience for adults, Palace of Adventures for children, Palace of Relaxation, Exterior Garden, Sauna World
  • Fitness and Spa
  • Water World - a mutually interconnected whole respecting privacy of private premises.
  • Adrenaline Experience – wild river, toboggans, slides, diving pit, swimming courses and diving courses 8m.
  • Palace of Adventures for children – little swimming pools, beating of the waves, animation, laser show.
  • Palace of Relaxation – large swimming pool, whirlpool, café with a slowly flowing river.
  • The Exterior Garden includes pools, a water bar and restaurants.
  • Sauna World – on 1,200m2 it is possible to see 14 types of saunas and steam spa, purity of water is excellent, there is an a-la-carte restaurant as well.
  • Fitness – it has two floor levels with 800m2, with a cardio-zone, aerobic hall, including body fat measurement.
  • Spa – massages, physiotherapy, advisory services, cosmetics, manicure including Private spa – exclusivity, privacy.
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Aquapark & WellnessRelaxation, active rest & fun

Aquapark & Wellness

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